Repeater Update

The VHF repeater at 147.390 is now located at the feedmill, along with the UHF repeater. Both repeaters are now in a secure cabinet at ground level, with 7/8 inch hardline connecting both to the original feedline near the top of the mill. Hopefully VHF coverage will be better now with the increased antenna height.

ERC Meeting; September 23, 2020; 7:30 PM

7:30pmMeeting Call to Order, Welcome
(On-line videoconference)
2  Roll Call & Quorum
3  Adopt Agenda
4 Secretary’s Report     KIRK VA3KXS
● Approve minutes of Previous Meeting
5 Treasurer’s Report      PAUL VA3PDC
● update on Finances
6 President’s Report     BRIAN VA3DXK
● 2020 Executive: welcoming Kirk VA3KXS,
thanks to past secretary Tom VE3DXQ
● Updates to Standing Committees, Nets, Managers,
membership volunteers
● Hats & T-shirts – thanks to Paul VA3PDC
7 Committee Reports
● Safety Officer    (Tom VE3DXQ)
● Point Clark Lighthouse Weekend
– comments  (Kirk VA3KXS / Paul VA3PDC)
● Firehall 2m & 70cm Repeater repair/fix update
(Bill VA3QB & Paul VA3PDC)
● Feedmill Repeater update (Brian VA3DXK  Bill VA3QB)
● Alma Repeater (Bill VA3QB  Ken VE3KCY  Tony VA3DWI)
other reports as needed
8 Unfinished Business
● None
   9 New Business
● Silent Key Memorial Dinner
– Cancelled due to Covid-19 (Executive)
● Club Communication Protocol (Brian VA3DXK)
● Technical Committee
– manager & members needed (Brian VA3DXK)
● Security & Passwords – repository (Brian VA3DXK)
● Inventory & Roster
– password protected location? (Kirk VA3KXS)
● Constitution & By-Laws update motions (Kirk VA3KXS)
● Budget for QSL Cards (Kirk VA3KXS)
● eQSL – payment of annual donation for Bronze status
(Kirk VA3KXS)
● Other?
10 Presentations/Speakers/Workshop
● Presentation: Kirk VA3KXS
– eQSL, Mobile Setup How To (if time permits)
11 Announcements
● Next meeting: Wednesday October 28th, 2020
● Others?
12 Adjournment
● Motion to adjourn the meeting


To create a Security & Password Repository (Brian VA3DXK)

I move that we create a Security & Password Repository to be managed by the president and secretary, whose job it is to maintain an encrypted, password protected file containing all pertinent club passwords, door-codes, key locations/holder, building access methods, etc. This repository is to be accessible by the club executive.

To Update Constitution / By-Laws (Kirk VA3KXS)

  1. I move to strike out the paragraph beginning “The current slate of officers is as follows” in Article II Officers; Section 2. Officers as currently written in the Elmira Radio Club Constitution.
    1. The entire section would then read: The officers of this club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Trustee.  This change would remove the unnecessary list of specific individuals in each Executive role from the Constitution and prevent having to update the Constitution each time a new member is elected to the Executive. 
    1. As a reminder, our Constitution currently states: proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and shall be voted on at the next following regular meeting, provided all members have been notified by email of the intent to amend the Constitution and/or By-Laws at said meeting.  According to Robert’s Rules, all that is required at this time is a for the motion to be seconded.  If it is not seconded it does not need to be considered at the next meeting.
  2. I move to substitute the following for Article IX Amendments of the Elmira Radio Club Constitution: “Motions to amend the Constitution or By-Laws must be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and if seconded shall be voted on at the next following regular meeting, provided all members have been notified by email of the intent to amend the Constitution and/or By-Laws at the next following meeting.  A majority of the full membership must approve any motions to amend the Constitution or By-Laws.  Club members can vote on motions for amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws in person or via a proxy who is specified in writing to the Secretary.
    1. The current wording suggests amendments can be made at any meeting in the first sentence, and then requires votes on amendments at the second.  I believe the proposal clarifies the order of operations.
    1. The current first sentence seems to have redundant language which confuses who has to be at the meeting where an amendment is proposed and what portion of the membership is required to approve.  I believe the proposal clarifies these requirements.
    1. I have added language clarifying how to specify a proxy.
  3. I move that the Club recognize the objects for which the ERC Elmira Radio Club Inc. corporation was incorporated by prepending them to the current ERC Constitution & By-Laws document, henceforth referring to this document as the ERC Charter, Constitution & By-Laws. The text of the first section of the document would become:
    1. The objects for which the corporation is incorporated are:
      1. To provide backup radio communications for the Township of Woolwich, Waterloo County, in times of civil emergencies.
      1. To provide radio communications support for non-profit community organizations on a voluntary basis.
      1. To initiate, facilitate and sustain study and research into amateur radio communications and related hobby technologies, locally, provincially, and nationally.

ERC Meeting; Nov 27, 2019; 7:30 PM

7:00pm EYEBALL QSO – Set-up, Social time & coffee
7:30pm Meeting Call to Order, Welcome

  • Roll Call & Quorum
  • Adopt Agenda
  • Secretary’s Report TOM VE3DXQ
    • Approve minutes of Previous Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report PAUL VA3PDC
    • update on Finances
  • President’s Report BRIAN VA3DXK
    • Updates
  • Committee Reports
    • Safety Officer (Tom VE3DXQ)
    • Website update (Ted VE3TRQ)
    • other reports as needed
  • Unfinished Business
    • FeedMill 2m repeater (Brian update)
    • June Field Day, Airstrip (Brian, Bill)
  • New Business
    • Other?
  • Presentations/Speakers/Workshop
    • Avro Arrow Presentation
  • Announcements
    • Christmas Party, Dec 17, 6-9, Legion
    • Next meeting Jan 22nd, 2020
  • Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn the meeting.