ERC Meeting, Feb 27, 2019; 7:30 PM

EYEBALL QSO – Set-up, Social time & coffee
1 Meeting Call to Order, Welcome
2 Roll Call & Quorum
3 Adopt Agenda
4 Presentations/Speakers/Workshop
● A Review and Demonstration of HF Digital Modes (Ted VE3TRQ)
5 Secretary’s Report TOM VE3DXQ
● Approve minutes of Previous Meeting
6 Treasurer’s Report PAUL VA3PDC
● Monthly update on Finances
7 President’s Report BRIAN VA3DXK
● Annual membership dues:
$40 per RAC member and
$50 per non-RAC due in March
● Update Club Membership roster, Committees & members
8 Committee Reports
● Safety Officer (Tom VE3DXQ)
● VHF Firehall Repeater update (Tony VE3DWI John VE3JXX)
● other reports as needed
9 Unfinished Business
● Scouts (Brian VA3DXK)
● Elmira Maple Syrup Festival April 6th 2019 (Brian VA3DXK)
● Ham Tech Committee – Go-NoGo decision (Brian VA3DXK)
● other items?
10 New Business
● if needed?
11 Announcements
● Next meeting: Wed. Mar. 27th, 2019
● Annual Club membership dues are due
12 Adjournment
● Motion to adjourn the meeting

Alma VHF Repeater

Since last summer (2019), the Elmira Radio Club has a VHF repeater with callsign VA3DWI, in Alma, at 147.255 MHz, with a positive offset of 600 KHz, and a PL tone of 131.8. The repeater is at Ken VE3KCY’s place. It is not currently connected to IRLP, but as of October 2020, it is linked to the UHF ERC repeater using a cross-band radio at the home of VE3DWI. There are plans to eventually link this repeater with a co-located radio to either the existing ERC UHF or VHF repeater in Elmira. A big Thank-You to Tony VE3DWI for loaning this repeater and duplexer to the Club and setting up the cross-band link.