New President, New Year of Meetings

Hello All,

Well a new year has began for the club. We are happy that Rich has made himself available to be President of the Elmira Radio Club. The same goes for Tom who is now the Secretary. The position of Treasurer has remained under Reg. The posts of Vice-President and Trustee have not been filled. Hopefully someone will step up to the plate and fill these positions. We like to thank Alan for his years as President and under his leadership the club has become the better for it.

Al was presented with a plaque during the last meeting. Unfortunately the picture of the presentation I took did not turn too well. I will forward it to Bob to see what he thinks of it.

Rich is pushing the county of Woolwich to accept the ERC as the people to turn to in case of communication difficulties in an emergency. On Oct0ber 04 we will have an emergency training to see from which emergency centers we can operate from. As of to date, seven centers have been selected to operate from. The exercise is fairly basic, just to see if we are reachable from these centers.