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JULY 2018

Our dynamic hobby and your Radio License offer opportunities to build, explore, experiment and discover.

As part of our club’s effort to facilitate curiosity and, perhaps, innovation, we are sponsoring a “Ham Happening”— Saturday Tech Seminars dedicated to learning outside of the box.

We will have 4 or 5 speakers address issues of interest in back-to-back one-hour plenary sessions, inclusive of questions. There will be a modest “funeral-style” lunch at noon. The day will begin at 9:00 am and end at approximately 4:00 pm.

So far, speakers and topics include:

-Dr. Katanya Kuntz, of IQC (the Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo) will speak on quantum communications;

-Dr. Gord Hayward, Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph, ve3EOS, will present an inno- vative use of AM;

-Ted Rypma,ve3TRQ, will explain and demonstrate pop-up Mesh networks that use re- purposed internet routers;

-Robert Moyer, ve3NXT, licensee for our local Digital repeater will explore several aspects of DMR(digital mobile radio).

Additional speakers are yet to confirm.

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To register, follow these FOUR steps:
STEP 1: Email your intent to attend by emailing the form, below, or a facsimile, immediately,

To: raclausi@rogers.com
Attention: Registrations, ve3ERC Tech Seminar Day committee:


Full Name:
Call SIGN:

Full telephone number:
QTH: city/town

STEP 2: Print a copy of the form that you emailed, above.

MAIL it with a cheque for $30 payable to “Elmira Radio Club Inc ve3ERC”

To: “VE3ERC Tech Seminar c/o R.Clausi, ve3DCC, 1 Finch Place, Elmira, ON, N3B 3B3”

** Be sure to INCLUDE the printed copy of the form you emailed to us in STEP 1. Your name is on the final list when the cheque is received and processed.

STEP 3: We will confirm via email that your name is on the attendance list when your cheque is cashed. More details will be provided with the confirmation.

STEP 4: Arrive at 8:30 am, on site, on Saturday Sept. 22, 2018 to pick up your registration package, name tag and meal ticket. Enjoy!!!!!

I hope you can join us.
De ve3DCC, Rich.

ERC Meeting, April 25, 2018; 7:30 PM


7:00pm EYEBALL QSO – Set-up, Social time & coffee


  1. Meeting Call to Order, Welcome
  2. Roll Call & Quorum
  3. Adopt Agenda
  4. Secretary’s Report TOM VE3DXQ
    ● Approve minutes of Previous Meeting
  5. Treasurer’s Report PAUL VA3PDC ● Monthly update on Finances
  6. Vice President’s Report BRIAN VA3DXK
    ● Annual membership dues: $40 per RAC member and $50 per non-RAC due now ● AGM & Officer Elections to be held during the regular May 23rd meeting
  7. Committee Reports
    ● Safety Officer (Tom VE3DXQ)
    ● Nominations Committee (Brian VA3DXK / Jason VE3JVG / Rich VE3DCC / Paul VE3PVB) ● Elmira Maple Syrup Festival April 7 (Al VA3TET)
    ● Field Day June 23-24 (Frank VA3FJM, Bob VE3IXX, Al VA3TET, Bruce VE3QB)
    ● Fall Conference/Workshop September 22 Elmira Legion (Rich VE3DCC Al VA3TET) ● other reports as needed
  8. Unfinished Business
    ● TCA, the RAC official publication to library/school of club’s choice
    ● Trusteeship of Club Call Sign & Repeater Licence (Brian VA3DXK Rich VE3DCC)
    ● Woolwich CAER Emergency Preparedness Open House Fri. May 11 (Brian VA3DXK) ● Radio Gear inventory/dispersal & June Hamfest (Reg VE3RVH Al VA3TET Ted VE3TRQ )
  9. New Business
    ● Membership Update
    ● Club Equipment & Resources Inventory ● Other ?
  10. Presentations/Speakers/Workshop ●? (?)
  11. Announcements
    ● Next meeting: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & ELECTIONS Wednesday May 23th, 2018
    ● CANWARN training session May 9 – Kitchener-Waterloo – 7 PM – Forbes Room, RIM Park
    ● Waterloo Marathon April 29, 2018. KWARC provides backup communications for this event. Contact Nick Waterman if interested marathon@noseynick.com

9:00pm Adjournment
● Motion to adjourn the meeting.

NOTE: Please bring with you a written list of all Club equipment & resources/material in your possession as we are compiling a Club Inventory.

Yearly Events & Contests

● Club Events & Contests

* TCA Contest Calendar: January to Early March 2018 http://wp.rac.ca/tca-contest-calendar- january-to-early-march-2018/
* CCO Contest Calendar: http://www.va3cco.com/calendar.htm
* WA7BNM Contest Calendar http://www.contestcalendar.com/

– North American QSO Party, CW 1800Z Jan 13 to 0600Z Jan 14
– North American QSO Party, SSB 1800Z Jan 20 to 0600Z Jan 21 ● Winter Field Day, 1700Z Jan 28 to 1700Z Jan 29
– North American QSO Party RTTY, 1800Z Feb 24 to 0600Z Feb 25 – ARRL International DX SSB, March 3-4, 0000Z to 2400Z

● Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, April 6-7
– ARRL Rookie Roundup SSB, April 15 1800 UTC to 2359 UTC, 6-hour event
– World Amateur Radio Day IARU April 18 yearly
– GARC Guelph Rotary Clubs annual tree planting event, April 21
– Ontario QSO Party, 1800Z April 21 to 0500Z April 22, 2018 (3rd full weekend of April)
– KWARC Waterloo Marathon April 29, 2018 backup communications, contact Nick Waterman if interested marathon@noseynick.com
● Woolwich CAER Emergency Preparedness Open House with Fire Dept. Fri. May 11
– Museum Ships Weekend June 2-3 0000Z June 2 to 2359Z June 3
● Central Ontario Hamfest, Sunday June 3rd
● ARRL Field Day, 1800 UTZ June 23 to 2100 UTZ June 24
– RAC Canada Day Contest, July 1st 0000Z to 2359Z
– 13 Colonies Special Event, July 1, 2017-1300 UTC to July 7, 2017-0400 UTC
– IOTA Islands on the Air, Saturday July 28 12:00 UTC to Sunday July 29 12:00UTC (last full weekend in July)
● Point Clark Lighthouse Weekend, 0001UTC August 18 to 2400 August 19

CANWARN training sessions for 2018
May 9 – Kitchener-Waterloo – 7 PM – Forbes Room, RIM Park, 2001 University Ave. E, Waterloo

As noted in the previous training announcement, if you don’t see specific instructions on how to RSVP at the session you are interested in, please RSVP to me at geoff.coulson@canada.ca.

ERC Meeting Jan 24, 2018

AGENDA ITEMS for January 24, 2018

7:00 pm   EYEBALL QSO: Social time and coffee

7:30 pm   Meeting Call to Order

Welcome to all –   The Roll Call

Reports and Announcements: Executive, Committee Chairs, and members (min..  

  • Minutes from previous meeting (2 min) (Tom)
  • Treasurer’s Report (2 min ) (Paul)
  • QSL Manager / Maple Syrup Festival – (3 min.) (Joycee)
  • Christmas 2017 Report (3 min.) (Joycee)
  • Township Funding (10 minutes) (John)
  • Speakers/ Program/ Discussions
  • Rich (VE3DCC) – ”Codes: Keeping up with your Grandchildren Survival Guide” (1.5 hours)
  • Unfinished Business
  • Business Arising
  • Christmas Party for 2018 – (2 min) (John & Joycee)
  • Fund Raising Ideas (5 min) (Everyone)
  • RAC Canada 150 Celebration (1 min) (Brian)
  • Emergency Communications EC0 Net (2 min) (Brian)
  • Winter Field Day, weekend 1700Z Jan 27 to 1700Z Jan 28 (2 min) (Brian)

Future Speakers / Program / Discussions for future meetings:

(   ) Special Guest – (2 min) Joycee

( ) Movie Night   – (2 min) Joycee

ERC Meeting Nov 22, 2017

Final : AGENDA I TEM for November 22, 2017

Please note that this Meeting will be starting earlier than usual. This is needed for the CANWARN training. You may want to bring a pen and notebook or paper to take notes.

6:45 pm EYEBALL QSO: Social time and coffee

7:00 pm Meeting Call to Order
Welcome to all Guests – The Roll Call (1 min)

Reports and Announcements: Executive, Committee Chairs, and members ( 11 min.. )

– Secretary – Minutes (1 min) (Tom )

– Treasurer’s Report (2 min ) (Paul) –

– Speakers/ Program/ Discussions/ Presentation

– Geoff Coulson – CANWARN training. (2 hrs 30 minutes)