ERC Meeting, Feb 27, 2019; 7:30 PM

EYEBALL QSO – Set-up, Social time & coffee
1 Meeting Call to Order, Welcome
2 Roll Call & Quorum
3 Adopt Agenda
4 Presentations/Speakers/Workshop
● A Review and Demonstration of HF Digital Modes (Ted VE3TRQ)
5 Secretary’s Report TOM VE3DXQ
● Approve minutes of Previous Meeting
6 Treasurer’s Report PAUL VA3PDC
● Monthly update on Finances
7 President’s Report BRIAN VA3DXK
● Annual membership dues:
$40 per RAC member and
$50 per non-RAC due in March
● Update Club Membership roster, Committees & members
8 Committee Reports
● Safety Officer (Tom VE3DXQ)
● VHF Firehall Repeater update (Tony VE3DWI John VE3JXX)
● other reports as needed
9 Unfinished Business
● Scouts (Brian VA3DXK)
● Elmira Maple Syrup Festival April 6th 2019 (Brian VA3DXK)
● Ham Tech Committee – Go-NoGo decision (Brian VA3DXK)
● other items?
10 New Business
● if needed?
11 Announcements
● Next meeting: Wed. Mar. 27th, 2019
● Annual Club membership dues are due
12 Adjournment
● Motion to adjourn the meeting

VHF Repeater repaired

The VHF repeater at 147.390, on the Firehall, has had a new (temporary) duplexer installed, thanks to Tony VE3DWI and John VE3JXX. The UHF repeater at 444.700+, PL 131.8, is connected to IRLP Node 2404, EchoLink Node VE3ERC-L, and the VHF repeater at 147.390+, PL 123, is connected to IRLP Node 2403, EchoLink Node VE3ERC-R. For now, the two repeaters will be linked for morning and Wednesday evening nets using the EchoLink nodes.